From Nantucket to the Florida Keys: Where to Find Summer Bliss on the East Coast |

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From Nantucket to the Florida Keys: Where to Find Summer Bliss on the East Coast

When the Northeast’s swampy summer arrives, you know it’s time to make a hasty retreat for cooler, saltier climes. For those of discernment and taste, the East Coast’s sun-drenched shores are summer personified—an effervescent, timeless escape from the city’s swelter. From Cape Cod’s windswept dunes to Florida’s sugar-sand strands, these beach resorts sizzle with dreamy summer vibes.

Days slip into glorious successions of lounging on pristine private sands, nibbling lobster rolls dripping in lemon butter, and convivial clambakes as the sun slips below the horizon in sizzling oranges and reds. It’s a spectacular sensory treat only the seasoned beach connoisseur can truly appreciate.

Meanwhile, the sporting set finds their bliss along New England’s storied summer colonies: Newport, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, to name a few. One day it’s sailing regattas launched from gilt-edged yacht clubs, the next polished lawn games like croquet presiding over manicured emerald expanses. Equestrians can explore miles of secluded trails, crisscrossing through enclaves from South Carolina to the Hamptons, winding through fragrant maritime forests straight out of a Wyeth painting.

Those seeking a delectably low-key scene head to the hideaway isles from Maine to the Florida Keys. These unpretentious East Coast beach towns are where seersucker and boat shoes reign, cocktail hours commence promptly at five, and quaint local traditions banish any whiff of Hamptons’ scene-iness. No matter where you drop anchor, the East Coast’s grande dames and escapist isles deliver summer’s eternal allure like nowhere else on earth. The shore-sculpted romance is palpable, from cozying up in breezy linen robes on your oceanview veranda to savoring the sublime simplicity of freshly shucked oysters chased with crisp rosé as twilight fades over beautiful beaches. This, fellow travelers, is the summer we deserve—and the definitive list of luxe hotels to book.


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