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The Amsterdam Bar Guide

Amsterdam is a city like no other. It’s brimming with culture, art and history, boasting an array of museums, music venues and, of course, bars. These bars have a long history within the city, with its distinguished drinking culture tying back to the Dutch Golden Age. Jenever, sometimes known as Dutch gin, is the juniper-flavored traditional liquor of the Netherlands, and is often served alongside beer in Dutch cafes. 

Over the past few years, Amsterdam has started to further expand into the craft cocktail space, which has allowed newer bars and lounges to open in the city, alongside traditional establishments. They have elevated the craft, and showcased new drinks that are distinctly Dutch, such as the Oranjebitter. 

This vibrant cocktail culture has gained increased recognition on the international stage, with both tourists and locals eager to make the most of Amsterdam’s cocktail scene. From classic, historic Dutch cafes to bold, new cocktail lounges, these are the best bars to visit in Amsterdam.


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